Our History


Optinova Africa is the leading optometry providers in Zimbabwe. with affordable frames at competitive prices.



Optinova Africa (Pvt) Ltd was formed in 2012 as the Directors noted that there was a gap in the optometry field mainly due to the fact that at the time, Zimbabwe did not have any schools of optometry and the provision of optometry services was not affordable to the population of Zimbabwe. Optinova sought to provide optometry quality eye care services at affordable prices. It is vital that the nation has healthy vision to enable people to work, study, drive and play amongst other activities.

Since its formation, Optinova Africa is one of the leading optometry providers in Zimbabwe. There are branches in Harare, Chitungwiza and Mutare. Optinova has highly trained and qualified optometrists and staff who primarily give vision care which ranges from sight testing and correction of the diagnosis, treatment and management of vision changes as well as lenses and contact lenses. The company provides glasses and eyewear to a whole spectrum of the Zimbabwe population.

Optinova caters for designer and affordable frames at competitive prices.
In 2015 the company introduced its own frames – SG Eyewear.

Since there is no training in Zimbabwe for optometrists, Optinova Africa (Pvt) Ltd has spearheaded and entered into a Private / Public Partnership with Bindura University of Science Education which is in Bindura, Zimbabwe. The School of Optometry was opened in 2018. This is an exciting development not only for Optinova Africa (Pvt) Ltd and Bindura University of Science Education but for the nation of Zimbabwe.

Optinova Africa Pvt Ltd also has an outreach programme to ensure that remote areas of Zimbabwe are covered.